Urban Democracy Feast
Seeding social justice

How it works

Coming to your first dinner? Here’s what to expect:

  • Dinner attendees donate $10 at the door and receive a voting ballot. For one dollar more ($11.00) purchase your ticket in advance.
  • Four people working on projects that benefit the community (anything from turning an empty parking lot into a community garden to starting a small worker-owned cooperative) present their 5-minute proposals to the group
  • Over dinner, attendees ask questions of the applicants before casting their vote for the project they want to help fund
  • The money raised during the FEAST is distributed to the projects in proportion to the votes each project receives
  • Recipients of the donated funds come back to a future UDF dinner to tell us the progress of their projects.

Be prepared:

  • Table settings may not match, but will be clean
  • Dinner doesn’t start until after all of the proposals have been presented. Don’t come starving because we don’t eat until almost 6:00!
  • Don’t be shy. Make your voice/vote count, ask questions, make suggestions, collaborate with a project you like. UDF is a great way to fellowship, share resources, practice democracy, talk about community concerns and support a Kalamazoo-based project. UDF is a great venue for creative engagement.
  • The dinner is completely supported by the community. Food is donated from local farms and restaurants.
  • The food is prepared by local cooks and quality volunteers
  • If you would like to work with us, please let us know
  • Detroit Soup>>>>CLICK ARROW TO WATCH!!

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