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Past UDF Presenters

May 2015 Presenters:

Urban Exposure

Majyck Radio

Our music, arts, and cultural programming cover a wide collage of expression from traditional to experimental, reflecting the diverse cultures we serve. We strive to support an appreciation of music and cultures we serve. We strive to foster an appreciation of music and culture that is not generally available to listeners in the SW Michigan and beyond.
Our news and public affairs programming emphasize a controversial, neglected, and non-mainstream points of view on important local as well as national or world issues, establishing our values regarding social justice, peace, human rights, and environmentalism.
Provide access to the airways for individuals and organizations that support our mission.  A forum for the gathering, exchange, and transmission of ideas in a cooperative environment that is respectful of each individual’s cultural or political perspective.
Community events serve as a public extension of our programming and mission.
We are committed to the values expressed by our mission, especially as they relate to issues involving the various ethnic groups living in our community, women, the economically disadvantaged or challenged, and other groups who may be disenfranchised in our society. We offer a safe haven for expression by members of these groups, regardless of their social status, race, gender, or sexual orientation, and by our activities hope to promote peace, goodwill and a sense of community beyond the barriers of this radio station.

Project X (Formerly Institute for New Leadership)

December 2015 Presenters:

Mama Sutra

MamaSutra Loving Doula Arts Training is a training created for women of color to be ready to support a diverse group of Kalamazoo County’s families.  A doula is a woman who assists women in pregnancy, labor and the integration period after baby is born ~  the notorious 4th Trimester.  Kalamazoo has the highest mortality rate for babies in Michigan and meets the high mortality rate, for Black Babies, of the nation at 4.5%.
Research has proven that a woman who has loving and consistent support during pregnancy, labor and in the postpartum period has shorter labors, chooses to breastfeed and breastfeeds her baby longer, and bonds with her baby more quickly than women without support.  My vision was to create a doula group who spoke various languages, came from different backgrounds and countries, who spanned the range of a woman’s fertility cycle.  The women who heard the call of the training brought with them Spanish, divorce, single parent wisdom, loss, hope, an array of spiritual beliefs, and incredible love.  We connected with strong supportive tenderness, which is precisely what is required as a woman moves through her rite of passage of becoming a mother.
This was a unique training.  We made a circle drum with the guidance of Todd Darby, an indigenous Michigan brother, and then birthed them through a traditional Native American sweat lodge in the first weekend.  We learned in that weekend that although we may all claim to be women of color, one’s spiritual beliefs can still keep us apart.  Through clear conversation and quick communication, we resolved our differences and met a second weekend and practiced comfort techniques, meditation, yogic asanas, and watched birth movies ~ as we shared DELICIOUS potluck meals together.  One woman flew in from Portland, Oregon and another drove in from South Bend, Indiana each weekend.  Pure devotion.
Now the 6 women will be mentored through 3 births, writing birth stories, learning herbal medicine, contract writing and networking.  It was absolutely blissful birthing MamaSutra Loving Doula Arts.

Mama Sutra Loving Art-1 MAMA Sutra Mama Sutra Loving Arts





Humans Beyond Boxes

Kalamazoo Peace Center

November 12th, 2016 Presenters: 

Hispanic American Council: Circles of Trust

Issac: Future Leaders for Peace

March 25, 2017 Presenters:

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