Urban Democracy Feast
Seeding social justice

Past UDF Presenters

May 2015 Presenters:

                      Urban Exposure

Majyck Radio-www.majyckradio.com

Project X (Formerly Institute for New Leadership)

December 2015 Presenters:

Mama Sutra

MamaSutra Loving Doula Arts Training is a training created for women of color to be ready to support a diverse group of Kalamazoo County’s families.  A doula is a woman who assists women in pregnancy, labor and the integration period after baby is born ~  the notorious 4th Trimester.  Kalamazoo has the highest mortality rate for babies in Michigan and meets the high mortality rate, for Black Babies, of the nation at 4.5%.

Mama Sutra Loving Art-1 MAMA Sutra Mama Sutra Loving Arts






Humans Beyond Boxes

Kalamazoo Peace Center

November 12th, 2016 Presenters: 

Hispanic American Council: Circles of Trust

Issac: Future Leaders for Peace

March 25, 2017 Presenters:

JABS (Justice Against Bullying in Schools)

La Amistad Farm

Black Infant Mortality Rate

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