Urban Democracy Feast
Seeding social justice

Social Justice/ Community Projects Sought for Funding

Are those that aim to eradicate exploitation and structural inequality in order to promote peace, inclusion, and equitable access to resources and services for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation or citizenship status. Projects may include but are not limited to:

  1. third shift day care centers
  2. hydroponics
  3. vertical and land plot urban farms
  4. worker owned co-op bookstore/cafe/juice bar
  5. public bank
  6. worker owned co-op print shop
  7. inventory of empty lots and buildings in the village
  8.  24 hour a day transportation network
  9. library of unavailable international newspapers & progressive magazines
  10. free access data base covers all meetings impact public policy, changes to city charter (living wage, recall referendums, publicly funded elections, residency requirement for police, city hall workers and public school teachers, wealth tax)
  11. Campaigns to address work place violence-child abuse-mixed use development-city debt audit-
  12. Recall referandum of elected officials who do not fulfull their campaign obligations
  13. Campaigns to change the state constitution that requires public officials, teachers, etc to reside in the city they work.

Start-ups and existing social justice projects needing additional funds to make a qualitative leap in their work are encouraged to apply. Applicants may collaborate and pool their efforts in order to demonstrate a shared need.

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